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Love True Love

Thomas Ugene McNeel the inventive and fiercely individualistic New York native that has built his career in women's fashion by making it his priority to meet and understand the needs of women. He has gained the respect and admiration by his peers in the fashion industry as an innovator of women's fashion. Love true Love has grown to service many boutiques, surf shops, and specialty department stores. Incorporating Thomas's instinctive knowledge of the feminine form and attention to detail, he has provided each prestigious retailer across the US and globally with our uniquely sophisticated silhouettes, which include: custom hardware, luxurious fabrics, eye catching color palettes, and a flawless fit. Also, we have recently acquired a plant located in Los Angeles County that has enabled us to move towards private label. Since the spectacular success we have taken the opportunity to move forward and develop a dress line that classically coordinates with many of this year's designer swimwear, having customers line up at the door for more "Love,"...Love true Love that is.


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